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Best of Both Worlds

Because we are federated with the University of Saskatchewan, self-declared STM students get all the rights, privileges,
and advantages of being a uSask student AND they also get
the STM advantage.  It really is the best of both worlds!




St. Thomas More College is federated with the University of Saskatchewan and our admissions are managed by the University of Saskatchewan.

Apply to the University of Saskatchewan College of Arts and Science

Admission requirements and application forms.

To be recognized as a STM student and to be eligible for the STM advantageself declare as an STM student on the U of S Admission application.

Any uSask student can take STM classes but only Arts & Science students can self-declare as STM students.

Programs & Courses

  • STM classes are uSask credit classes and count toward University of Saskatchewan degrees.
  • STM classes are typically smaller in size.
  • STM has many award winning professors

We have classes in:

  • anthropology
  • archaeology
  • Catholic studies
  • classics
  • classical, medieval, and renaissance studies
  • economic
  • English
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • history
  • interdisciplinary studies
  • Latin
  • philosophy
  • political studies
  • psychology
  • religious studies
  • sociology
  • Spanish
  • Ukrainian

Our professors and students appreciate the community-building and engagement that’s easier to do in smaller classes.  Any University of Saskatchewan student can take STM classes as part of their degree program.

Contact one of our academic advisors for help choosing classes or for any questions you have about your program or about St. Thomas More College in general.





Discover more financial assistance for students with over $150,000 in scholarships, bursaries & awards for entering and continuing students.

  • STM students are also eligible for University of Saskatchewan awards
  • STM awards are administered separately from University of Saskatchewan awards
  • Our application becomes available in August each year
  • Check out our awards for entering students